Family, UC community honor women’s soccer team player who died

LOCAL 12 WKRC | December 31, 2021

By Alexa Helwig, WKRC

Soccer wasn’t just a game to Ally Sidloski. She was gritty on the field and determined to be the hardest-working player.

That mentality all comes back to the strong relationship she had with her father, Dave Sidloski.

“One of the things I wanted to give back to my kids is the game, a game that I love.”

Ally took that passion and ran with it.

For most of her playing career, she was Number 3 on the field — a unique reminder of that special bond she had with her dad.

“Well, I wore number three in high school and in college. All of my girls, for the most part, wanted to follow in my footsteps” said Dave.

Ally would’ve been a junior in 2021. The spring before the women’s soccer team season started, the unthinkable happened.

On an afternoon in May, Ally died from drowning and carbon monoxide poisoning.